I’m only blogging when I’m taking a break from homework. Blogging ain’t no priority here ladies and gents.


Guess I got a little bored.

I'm not wearing Tarzan shiez. &Yes you would be celebrating too if you've done a whole days worth of homework and had 30 minutes free time on the computer.

Strong little Happyfingers. I work out to impress them ladies ;D Woah, my biceps are like.. like.. GLOWING :O touch em!


Random conversations I had today.
Jay -><:o)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)<:o)(G)~ says:

*u busy??
*id like to volley ur ball
*or would u like to volley my balls?
Happyfingers: *want me to foot your balls? (get it? foot-ball)

Happyfingers: I wish there was such thing as Harry Potter
Dad: The only Harry Potter there is, is Bill Gates.

Who says I can't pull of an innocent looking face?

Homework completed today:
- English language analysis revision
- Briefly revised for chemistry + methods
- Went to tuition to do an english prac test -_- my butt hurts from sitting there for so long.
- Methods Chapter 3 -_-

omfg. I hate using cas calculators and they’re so slow. lololol.
If I were exaggerating, I would probably say that it takes an hour take or give for the cas to work out a 1+1 sum.... but we all know that's obviously not true... sooooo :D yeah.

#1 Weirdness.
Today I was sitting at my desk, taking a break from studying.. btw, the weather was exceptionally nice today :) and meanwhile while I was enjoying the morning breeeeeeze. I stretched out my arms and then when I realised what I was doing; my hands were placed in praying position... and I was like; why the hell am I praying?
weeeird. Yes and I do know that tends to happen to 'thewinekone' as well, if that's how you spell his name :D

#2 OhMyWeird.
I found out something todaaay, when someone says something to me and I can’t think of a reply I just:
Person: hey I really hate the new Youtube layout you know.
Happyfingers: yeah I know you know, you know?
And in the end my reply doesn’t get the conversation flowing anywhere.
So I…
Happyfingers: But you see it’s YOUtube, not Yourtube for a reason. It’s all about the other person in the video, never about yourself.
Ever heard of a Metube? Like srsly, what the pho is a m…
Person: Happyfingers.. just, just shutup.