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Mum woke me up at 7 am this morning, after that I couldn’t fall back asleep. So I lay in bed till 9 am thinking about ways to escape from my house if there was an earthquake. Here were some of my plans:

Well firstly, I thought it’d be a good idea to store some long term food/water beside me in case I couldn’t get supplies and starved before being rescued… but if I stored all the yummy food supplies next to my bed, then I may have a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night and start having snacks, even if there was no earthquake.

Secondly, I sleep on the lower headquarters of my bunkbed, so if the roof collapses… My top bunk would protect me, unless the whole bed snaps and sandwiches me :T that’s horrible.

Thirdly, there should be a flap on the lower part of my huge window, next to my bed that I can crawl through if my bedroom door gets blocked.


I had a weird dream last night as well. Team Asia, which consists of me, Meeyo, Henrina, Deng, Dong and Derk were all gathered up at this weird school place and we all went exploring on New Years… weird.
I got out of bed to go watch MTV. Tis weird because Beyonce’s music vid was right after Taylor Swift’s
*rubs eyeballs*

Well anyways, today I used my time productively and revised 44 Chinese revision points for the upcoming chinese history comp :| sounds pathetic yeah? but 44 points STRAINS YOUR BRAIN.
GEEEEH :/ I’ve completed 139/400 points so far, there’s still a lot to go through.

I took a 2 hour afternoon power nap from 1-3 pm.
Then I played Shrek kart on my iPhone.
And now,
now I’m going to go back and study.

This ain't bad posture bro, I was simply just posing for the camera.
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