28 January 2010 @ 09:20 pm

LOL! I prank called D.V.Man today :D it was sho funneh! I recorded my voice and slow motioned it and then played it to him on the phone :)
Here’s a snip of our convo:
# Attempt 1
Me: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (remember my voice record is in slow motion, so my voice would sound very slooooooow and deep, sexy and mellow) hiiiiiiiiiiiii could I please speak to D.V.MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN.
D.V.Man: err yeah this is me.

# Attempt 2
Me: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (remember my voice record is still in slow mo) hi, I might sound like a pedophileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but I’m actually nooooooooooooooot.
D.V.Man: -silent-
Me: ok fine fine, it’s me hi.
D.V.Man: I knew it

One word: hot

So the other day (26 Jan), me and Kate went to St Kilda Beach to go soak up the last week of summer atmosphere before ohsobusy school starts :D
We lipsynced and headbanged on the bus ride all the way to the beach :D, excluding when we felt car sick, but then whenever another catchy song came back on the bus radio; well.. you know the system bro ;D


When we got to St Kilda, the first thing we saw was Luna Park :O srsly guys, Melbourne needs better theme parks than just.. Luna .Park… ==’ pfft.
We took some pics outside Luna park and walked to the beach which is right next to Luna park for all you un-street wise homz.
 my zip is NOT undone -.-

I brought my Southpark bodyboard along :D I actually attempted to teach Kate how to bodyboard by laying the board on the sand and lying on it and showing her how to paddle and stuff, but nooo she didn’t listen so in the end she ended up paddling back to shore looking something like this:
The waves were mini at first, but in the afternoon they gradually became pretty big and scary, sometimes the waves would like own us by rawring (rawring? Dunno if that’s a word) crashing onto (into) our faces and GAH DAYUM, IT HURTS SO NICE! (we’re not emo).

Kate and Happyfingers bodyboarding adventures.
Us in pain and agony, because there were rocks under the water -.-

Oh yeah, we were this is our way of chillin’ on the bodyboard :D basically, both of us lay on opposite sides of the bodyboard and just floated and chillaxed there :D ahhhh…., just bobbing up and down with the waves and when big waves came we capsized LOL. Oh and paddling back to shore on the bodyboard was so tiring -.- because each of us kept falling off or getting wiped out by waves -_-

Back at shore :)

When we got to shore, we laxxed on the sand, telling eachother scary stories that weren’t scary at all -.- kate even laughed at one of my stories that I tried so hard to make scary (a piece of my heart died when she laughed *T_T emoticon))… we took starburst dinosaurs and made them duel and marry eachother :D TEEHEE.
Me: the red dino, Kate: the yellow dino.

                                                                                                                me owning kate at a duel ^

Kate marrying our dinorawrs... though it looks kind of weird.. -_- kate...

Latez, we chilled for a while at Maccas, yeah -.- “chilled” in the toilets LOL. We hogged the toilets for like 10-15 mins because we were changing… and there was a long line of ladies who were waiting to use the cubicles when we came out.. ^_^”
We lipsynced and sang and camho-ed our way back on the bus :D and said our fairwells once we got to our stops T_T
Yes, I know we're very lady like ^_^
                                                  LOL, I totally ruined the photo -.-                          a normal picture WOW.

When I got home, I found I got sunburnt on my lower back, GAHHHHHHHH. PAIIIIIIN. [slow delay of reaction much?]

Hm yeah x) That night, whilst in bed; I still felt myself bobbing up and down in the waves or… was it just because my bed mattress was in pain due to my very big dinner, and now my mattress is rippling underneath my weight.. NAH JKS :D *hugs mattress*
So that night  I nodded off to a land of long lasting summer days and bodyboarding fever on high-normous rawring waves with kate me mate :)


Shoutouts: hbd mum, heizy and kevin dao :)
to little Garry for his first day at his new school! Aww yay! ^0^ I still hate you though garry, no srsly. Sif ditch your accounting SENPAI. RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
And to me, because I am just too cool *hmph*

Who’s that awesome noob? ^ :) this picture dedicated to all you guys, my blog readers, because I wub you all <3(:
Blog readers: ewwwwwwwwww.