25 January 2010 @ 08:51 pm

This morning I woke up crippled.

10 in the morning
Mum: get out of bed and can come see for yourself.
Me: ok
-lifts head off pillow-
Me: aw ok, I think I just over-stretched a muscle.
*lies back down*
All my limbs are in pain =.= thanks to Heizy’s bday badminton workout yesterday -_-

And tomorrow my parents want me to go mountain climbing with them, heh-heh-hehhellno.

2.30 pm
LOL, I just spent the last hour lipsyncing and dancing to my ipod in the bathroom :D despite my whole body aching… oh well, I HAD FUN  imma do that again someday.

I was sunbaking out in the backyard after breakfast, and I was surprised at how fast I got tanned o_o like in 15 mins, I already turned darker :D hehe, and I have a fringe tan too >.> so if I cut my fringe off then the top half of my face would be pale, and the lower part of my face would be dark.
Awesome LOL.
Luckily my parents were out all day :D

Now that's what you call awesome hair styled by the nature of passionate lipsyncers ;) 
And I’m still going…

Kay now I’ve had my fun :] I’m gonna go do some English homework :)