30 January 2013 @ 02:54 pm
I don't feel like attending taekwondo classes today. 

It's not the 20 minute bike ride I must take from home to University, or the fact that I'm being a lazy bum. It's the people in my club and how they make me feel. Out of all the members in the club, I only have a handful of members that I can actually call my friends. 
The rest are people who people I'm not very close to or either aren't very fond of me.

A lot of Monash taekwondo members like to drink and party together, which I find is an unproductive use of time so I don't usually go. Because of this, I feel a little out of the loop at times, friendships and bonds form in our club that I'm unaware of, so and so happened last night that I missed out on etc. I wouldn't care less about fitting in, but I don't want to feel uncomfortable or unsafe when I'm training with my club, which is currently how I feel and which is why I'm deciding on whether I should really go today or not. 

The truth is I've already made up my decision before I typed up this post. I'm going, not only because I'm already in my taekwondo gear, but most importantly - I need my daily share of exercise, getting out and keeping myself on my toes. At training, I will busy myself with improving my kicks and exercise, and not worry about what the others around me are thinking of me. 

Blog later ~