29 January 2013 @ 11:28 pm

Hey everyBODAY! 
I'm back :) after a long time, a long break and a long time no see baby ;) 
I haven't been blogging this past month due to the fact that my eyesight is rapidly declining and I'm trying to limit my laptop usage times, also because I've been busying myself with things I have been busying myself with :)
I've set up a number of mini holiday projects for myself :) Here, I will give you a brief outline of them below: 
- Change my eating and exercise habits 
- Find a part time job in the engineering field
- Learn about investments and hopefully start my own investments
- Organise my academics before University starts
- Learn the splits  
- Visit the RSPCA at least once!  

Kate and I @ Mish's place
Me: are you getting smitten with me Kate?
- Kate pauses and her eyes wonder off for a brief moment before she jumps out of her chair and marches into the dining room muttering 'wait wait' - 
- I follow Kate into the dining room, curious - 
- Kate jumps out in front of me with a mitten over her hand - 
Kate: I am sMITTEN with you. hahaha. 
/face palm 

Me and my family friends discussing Life of Pi today: 
Julianna: My friends said Life of Pi was really life changing
Me: The only life changing moment I had whilst watching Life of Pi was having the sudden urge to kill myself. 

Worst movie ever. 

A large wave of change has come upon me these summer holidays, the majority of the change was contributed by my one and a half month stay in China. Change, how? I feel as though I've matured significantly (despite still getting up to my usual tom foolery antics) and I've started living the life I have dreamt out for myself, instead of backing away into the shadows of laziness and mediocrity. 
I probably sound like such a corn right now! But I really wouldn't care less! I've got so much planned, so much to do, to achieve, to learn, so much space to grow and have fun :)  

Tina's back witches :)