15 January 2010 @ 11:35 am
Today, the whole world came crashing down on me, so I got some tape and stuck the map back onto the wall.

picture taken by twinnie (www.flickr.com/photos/rawritstina/) <3 :) Talented one she is.

Ah fudge, jammed my finger in the cupboard door today. 
And I had to slowly pull my finger out because it was stuck IN BETWEEN THE HINGE OF THE CUPBOARD DOOR.
When I finally pulled my finger out, I started rolling on the floor in agony.
Then after 10 seconds, I was like;
Huh what?
It doesn't actually hurt that much.
And I ran off to go get a band-aid.
The cuticle got ripped off and my nail is bruised from the inside. gorey.

[livejournal.com profile] xlovestapler is noob, I slept over at her place the other day :)
We had really gay convo's such as;
Meeyo: shutup
me: no you shutup
meeyo: no i told you to shutup so shut up
me: no i insist, you shutup.
meeyo: no srsly just shutup blablablalblalllb
me: blablalblal
then we just end up argueing over eachother -.-

We went to go watch Sherlock Holmes at Southland Shopping centre :)
I had 10 dollars worth of 10 cents with me :D So Meeyo dared me to dramtically pour all the 10 cents on the counter to pay for my Sherlock Holmes movie ticket LOL. But I didn't because that's just evil -.-
So yeah, the movie went for like 2.30 hours, it was an okay movie :) but it did AMAZE ME! Though the action bits were alright :)

After the movie we ATE MACCAS
and cone.

After Maccas, we were about to leave the shopping centre, till the auto doors closed right infront of us and wouldn't open up again.

and there was a lady sitting right outside the auto doors, but she couldn't hear our screams for help because the doors were soundproof 
we were screaming at the woman for like  5 mins and I felt retarded because it was like two retarded kids (me and Meeyo) pressing our faces against the auto glass doors trying to get out of the shopping centre, although we didn't actually do that, tis just a figure of speech :D
THEN FINALLY WE FOUND A GREEN BUTTON NEXT TO THE DOOR, perssed it and ran out of the shopping centre.

When we got back, we mariokarted and made pro lipsyncing vids (which I might upload when I can find a mac to edit it on) I found I had a huge bald spot :/ and I had nightmares of having a huge bald spot that stretched down from my cranium to my neck for the rest of the night D:
we watched NORBIT.
and imitated Michael Jackson's "heh HEH" sound effect thingy :)

I was playing on Meeyo's itouch, :D I LOVE SHREK KART (L) while she looked at all my retarded vids on my ipod nano :)
Then I started listening to this Magic Sleep application, that made me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz like a homo.

ROFL. Next day, we were looking through my iTunes playlist, and were looking through my dad's playlist and found a song called "Grandma's hands by AJ JERAUEU" or something, and we decided to have a listen.
THE SONG GOES FOR LIKE 2-3 MINS YEAH? AND IT'S A MUTE SONG, just silent. like literally, not music, no lyrics just. NOTHING.
Meeyo: yeah, the grandma's hands are too old so tis silent.

I will leave you with some pics.
Remember, I block out all faces for privacy purposes.

ew bald spot :/ meeyo no the left, me on the right :]
we look like mops.