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2013-05-05 08:29 pm

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Everyday is a challenge.
Everyday I learn a bit more, grow a tiny bit taller, maybe I will grow into a giant some day.
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2013-04-18 11:28 am

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*walking from lecture to eat lunch at the campus centre* 
*sees Linda and Phillip*
Me: hey guise, whatterp.
*Hao walks past us, says hi and joins us 3* 
*Immediately after Hao walks past, Zigs walks past our knot of people and holler a hello!* 
*Whilst Zigs was saying hello, Neil jumped up from behind and gave me a fright* 

Uni life. 

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2013-04-14 06:31 pm

First ever webcam sesssion evarr.

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Simon you're crying mascara.
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2013-04-14 11:14 am

Morning Madness.

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Just downed 3 Ferror Rochers because Tina is stressed. 

I spent too long worrying about my online assessment whilst doing my online assessment that it inhibited my ability to perform to my peak. 
Because I most likely failed my online assessments, a window full of opportunities has now closed in my face, which is synonymous to life's ultimate screw you Tina. 

My taekwondo grading exam is today.
Having only 20-30 minutes of total preparation and guidance time for my exam really goes to show how damn ready I am, to die. 

SolidWorks is a pain in the heart. 

I have to bike to Uni to do a group project, I'd much rather stay at home and do nothing. 

Gotta do something to put my jitteriness at ease. 
What should I do, what should I do. 

I know, I will go play some piano, vent all my frustrations on my bike ride to Uni by riding super duper fast! 

What else, what else.
Oh yes!
I'm going to make the rest of my day worth it! 

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2013-04-05 11:07 pm


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So I just came home from a catch up sesh with a boy, or for the more skeptical, a "date". 

And boy, did I get a serious metaphorical beating out of tonight's events. 
I came to three very important realisations about myself and the world around me: 

1) I can be very cold. I tend to shut myself completely off when somebody advances on me, whether it's because I do so as a cheap joke or most likely because I don't want to let anybody in that easily, but either way, it heeds the same outcome - making my friend here feel the icy draft I emit by being "too cool" for them. 
Furthermore, I wasn't taking the whole reciprocating thing too seriously, no, I wasn't taking it seriously at all, I saw it as a complete joke. If he made a move, I just drew back and watched him fall into a tumble in front of me. 
Now, I don't mean to say that oh yes! I must show everybody that I love them even if I really don't! My body is ready! But what I think I now realise that even if I don't accept it their advances or their gesture of warmth towards me, at least I can show that I appreciate them, and not laugh in their face and treat them as though they're specks of dust. 

This leads me to 2) Not being so self-centered. I, hate to admit this to myself, but my date was cold, hungry, extremely tired and he also traveled a rather long way to catch up with me tonight, and what did I do? I carried on with my plans for the night, he was obediently following along until it probably accumulated to a point in which he had enough of me. I noticed his presence, but I failed to notice him as a person, a being with feelings, hopes, dreams and a need to feel loved and cared about too, not a rag doll being dragged by the hair all over the place. I feel as though his patience wore off after a while because he couldn't put up with someone who just couldn't understand him.

3) The reason 2) happened was also because I wasn't paying attention, which is something I really need to do in life if I want to succeed. I think being myopic, immature and happy-go-lucky really inhibits my ability to see further than what I have in front of myself, which is myself. The world does not revolve around you and your cuteness Tina, unless that is your world, a world where no friend is in sight because you scared them all off, oh what a lonely world you will be living in...  

I'm going to apologise to my friend now >.< 

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2013-03-31 09:02 pm

Short hair is awesome!

Cutting my hair short has opened up a new world full of exciting ways to wear my new crop of fine hair!
I was experimenting with curls here's the outcome :)

 photo raaaad_zpsffe229f7.jpg photo as_zpsc89abae1.jpg

 photo ra_zps5a6e2498.jpg

 photo raa_zps50cc528b.jpg
with a happy happy appetite, i'm a happy happy pooh. 
 photo raaaa_zps950e0d1b.jpg

Anyways, I had a rather productive day today :)
I woke up at 8 and went outside for a job whilst I waited for my breakfast to bubble over the stove.
Got an efficient block of studying done. 
Spilled a glass of water all over my table and onto my books. 
Got really into a new book I borrowed from the library :) 
And today was actually, a very, serene and harmonious day at home, with myself, my homework and books. Hmm.. not sure if I am content though about how today panned out, it was missing a bit of spice, a bit of human interaction. But I can leave socialising till Uni starts, as for now, gotta catch up and shtuff. 

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2013-03-29 08:58 pm


 photo tumblr_mfa164eaQX1qivgtho1_500_zps49172095.jpg

After my materials lecture, I was finished for the day! Woohoo! And ready for the Easter holidays!
I took to the University bus stops and caught a bus to the train station.
When I got off the bus, my train towards the city was due in 1 minute and boy... the next one minute of my life I experienced was crazy..
So around 10 or so other commuters got off the bus with me and together, we moved towards the train station together, me being in the midst of the crowd of commuters.
When we all heard the sound of the train nearing, I felt a sudden jolt of movement around me in the crowd of commuters and in no longer than a jiffy, I was swiftly carried away by the stampede of frantic commuters bolting towards the train station, we ran across roads together, I could feel the wind in my hair as we ran down the underground train station tunnels, we were running for our dear lives, we hurriedly swiped our mykis and leaped onto our trains, thank goodness I'm relatively fit, that run actually felt quite a good work out.
This whole train chase experience was extremely amusing for from my point of view, and perhaps more entertaining from any driver who saw us running across the roads, just seeing a whole herd of commuters running like lunatics across his windscreen. 

My train delivered me to my appointed train station an hour before the appointed time.
Oh I forgot to say what I was in the city for! Well, I had to attend some very important matters....
*Ahem ahem* *adjusts imaginary tie*
woohoo! :)

This networking event was organised by my University, and boy, was I excited/nervous!
What new experiences would I be experiencing? I didn't know what to expect! The future was unpredictable, thrilling. I had prepared a list of questions, networking tips and conducted a LinkedIn search of all the company's representatives that would be present on the night of the event.


Any ways, it was raining manatee boogers all over the city once I walked out of the station, so I decided to find a nice, warm, bakery/cafe to rest for a bit.
And such bliss!
Sippin' some Chai Latte, sitting in the warm interiors of a well-decorated bakery cafe, watching people walk past your window as the rain pours down outside, reading a book you newly borrowed from your University library today, waiting to attend a professional/exciting function, followed by a karaoke night out w/ your friends, looking forward to what your bright future has to offer you, because baby, this is the good life ;) (a bit carried away there Tina...) 

 photo 3-1_zps72586357.jpg
On a date with my imaginary friend.

 photo 4-2_zps2bf56b98.jpg
My date was too shy to take a photo of me from across the table, so I was left with no other option but to take a shameless selfie.

 photo 2-4_zpsb8bf3fa8.jpg
Food... calories... yum....

The networking event was held in a nearby hotel's function room.
They had their own bar, with beverages and food and what not! FOOOD... (tinalovesfood)
Suits, black skirts + white shirts, company reps arriving and setting up their tables, students filing in - all looking rather nervous, this place was buzzing with professionalism and electricity. Some of the network event organisers I knew greeted me and I stalled a bit of time chatting w/ them, my strategy was to, have a good look at my surroundings before I leapt into all that networking blah, BLAH! and what better way to observe, than to observe with company by your side, it's not a very nice feeling to have if you're standing awkwardly alone in a room full of people, unless all the other people are also standing by themselves.. actually... that'd make things more awkward.

After I had enough, I was ready to start networking. I led my group of friends towards Deloitte's table, we were greeted by a girl called Swetha, who was a grad student and a man who I did not talk to much.
It was awkward.
Awkward, because not much interesting conversation was being exchanged, it was all just generic - what do you do? What should I do?
Whilst my friends were talking with the guy from Deloitte, I started my own side conversation with Swetha, and I threw a few of my questions that I prepared at her.
Swetha's very well-spoken and confident, whereas I was a little jumpy, not very eloquent nor classy, and I just didn't feel very comfortable, because I didn't feel as though we were having a conversation, she was more or less just giving me a lecture, but nevertheless, a very informative lecture.

 photo tumblr_inline_mhgsk0BYnH1qz4rgp_zps2db76365.gif

From Swetha, I learnt some valuable tips, one of them was:
You don't do things just for your resume, you do things because you want to gain skills that can help you in your career. Such as, she was the treasurer of a certain club, but she didn't want to become one just for the sake of placing it on her resume, no no, from being a fully committed treasurer, she gained skills such as written/verbal communication and professionalism, all these skills helped her eventually land a job at Deloitte.

After Swetha, I floated around other company reps - NAB, Google, Windows, KPMG, Dixon Advisory.

Funny story with NAB's rep, I had a look at his LinkedIn profile before the night of the event, so I knew quite a bit about what he did before he told me, one thing I did not know was the fact that others can see when you view their profile, so, yeah, good job Tina. Now he thinks you're a total creep, NAB will NABer hire you now! 

Me and my friend Carl started talking to Dixon Advisory's rep, I think we sort of cornered him unintentionally into the corner of the function room... both our shadows looming over... as we moved closer in... closer in...

Then there's the Google guy, he's so cool/friendly/talkative/clever :D I became Facebook friends with him just then. I recommended him a book I was reading about Social Media becoming a prevalent marketing tool. I do admit though, it was a little awkward talking with him, because of the same reasons as I mentioned before, it didn't feel as though we were conversing. But from the Google guy, I learnt that it's not about what you know, it's about who you know :)
 photo 73add25f-4f46-4ff3-b037-a5f400656bca_zps01673236.jpg
 Chillin' w/ Bryan

And last but not least... the Windows guys...
They were two guys, wearing casual Windows t-shirts (very under dressed, but they pulled it off with confidence)
I started chatting with them and we instantly got along, I can't remember all our conversations (but at least we had conversations), but I do remember I asked one of the guys to show me their spinning round house kicks (he was a red belt at Taekwondo) and he was actually considering it before I stopped him wreaking havoc. They showed me their own versions of their "awkward handshakes", we talked about non-related Windows stuff, and they even threw around a couple of rudie words! (very professional indeed), and out of all the stringent and scary places to be around at the function that night, the Windows corner was the most relaxing and most enjoyable place to wind down and chill out with some awesome peeps and just to get away from all your worries and woes :)
I guess the Windows reps were marketing their Windows, without even trying.
We had awesome conversations (actual conversations, unlike the forced and silent-lull-filled conversations I had before) and we added each other on Facebook and compared mutual friends! :) Woohoo!

I migrated away again to talk to some more people, I approached the KPMG stand and striked up a conversation with a guy called Kit, and it's a conversational exchange that I will never ever forget...
Me: Hello, I'm Tina, nice to meet you.
Kit: Hello Tina, I'm Kit, nice to meet you too. So, what can I do for you?
Me: Oh, I'm studying comm/eng and I was just wondering how I could utilise my skills/experiences to help out KPMG?
Kit: ... ha ha ha.
Me: ?
Kit: Can I.. ha ha.. give you my ha ha.. honest opinion? Please don't get offended, but I just wanted to point out something.
Me: Yeah sure -gradually starting to feel apprehensive-
Kit: You copied that line from a textbook didn't you? Because it sounds like you copied that straight from a textbook, so it sounds very fake and unnatural, correct me if I'm wrong.
Me: *quite noticeably shocked, but intrigued by this man's honesty and confidence*.. I read about a person using it once in a book, and it just stuck, but I didn't intentionally memorise that line.
Kit: Haha, well employees can't say: Hey hire me, I want your money, but they can't say; 'hey I want to join your team and learn and grow and help your business' or 'Hey Mr Employer, I love your company and I love you too!' either. So just be yourself and relax, but textbook verbatim is a nono.

 photo tumblr_mgijqaRLN01qbyxr0o1_250_zps34f57444.gif

This conversation was memorable, well because, I tend to talk in a very exasperated and Confucious spiritual way when it comes to things I'm unfamiliar with, and most of the time, simple is best, being over the top gives the impression of dishonesty.. and I've never talked to a stranger that's as confident, blatantly honest and well, interesting in personality, and mysterious! ever before, just goes to show how little experience I've had in interacting with the grown up world... Oh Tina.. you've got a lot to learn about the world and its works..

I scabbed some final meat pies, before the end of the night drew to a close.

Me and the Windows guys + Carl were planning to walk to the train station together, so we dawdled behind and waited for each other.
One of the Windows guys drank a bit too much alcohol and started talking in his bogan accent >_>
After finally collecting our stuff, saying our final goodbyes, we left together and parted at the station.

Carl waited with me for my train, and when my train came to scoop me up, I hopped on and off I went, towards karaoke!

Overall, from this networking event, I learnt to face/be bothered to face my fears :) and to delve into the unknown, today was a great experience and a great example of stepping outside my comfort zone to get the most out of opportunities. Today was an eye opener :) I look forward to more new experiences to come!

When I hopped off at my station, I bumped into my friend Annie :D (small world ey?), I didn't know how to get to the karaoke place, so she accompanied me :)
Together we roamed the city streets at night, running down streets because we could, taking pictures of cute huskies - because, who would? Bumped into a few group of friends wandering the city at night, and caught up, because we haven't seen each other in ages! It was great to have such lively company :)

When I got to the karaoke room where my friends were at, they hired a pretty damn big room, what met my eyes was a rowdy bunch of drunks, swaying around to the music and shouting into the mics, the rest of the peeps were sitting around a table playing cards.
DJ, Martin, Henry, Nessa, Sam, Nick, Gavin, Kevin and Doug were all there :D
 photo 93fd00b6-57f9-48fb-aca9-f0b0d014991a_zps0da9d8c0.jpg

I spent the rest of the night away, watching the drunks sing karaoke (it was really hilarious)
Whilst people were singing, one happy drunk moved to stand in front of the screen and waved his hands around/swayed his body from side to side to the music.
Another guy rapped to the song "Niggas in Paris" with such conviction and force, it was just, just too much.

I was eating a boiled egg I bought in my bag whilst standing next to Doug who was sitting down, he looked up at me and I decided to gross him out by opening my mouth to reveal a world full of eggcellent mushed egg, but to my surprise, a piece of egg fell from my mouth and onto his leg, having only known Doug an hour ago, this definitely was an eggciting way to start a friendship.
I ended up doubling over, laughing for a good one minute straight.

 photo tumblr_ls09k4p3op1qfeiolo1_500_zpsb268c02b.jpg

I went over to sit with the cards peeps. Martin sat on me whilst I was being tickled by Doug who was sitting to my right, Doug and I started a tickle war with Martin sitting on my lap for dear life... Doug and I also had a 'Who could take the worst portrait of someone' photo w/ Henry's camera. I won, clearly. Our judge was DJ, and he chose the pic of Gavin laughing with his mouth wide open. Classic Gavin.

Henry sat on a stool whilst he sang emo Chinese songs, his eyes distanced out and he looked very out of it.

DJ was busy with club activity/event organising, so he was running in and out, I helped him w/ some secretary data entry work to hopefully relieve some stress off his shoulders.

Whilst I was dealing w/ my secretary fluff, Martin came from behind and wrapped his arms cosily around me, the depiction must've been quite hilarious now that I think about it in retrospect... There's me... sitting down... fully absorbed in my work... fervently typing away on DJ's laptop... and then there's Martin, draping his arms over my shoulders, kind of like a pet monkey. Either way, it's nice to have company :)

2 AM... We've been there for 4 hours... DJ drove Henry, me and Nessa back home :)
Got home at 3... opened the front door and jumped straight into bed...

What a night... what a day... what a life... :)

 photo tumblr_m52vurnQHW1qivgtho1_500_zpsc9998d77.jpg
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2013-03-29 06:13 pm

(no subject)

It's holidays now.
Got some serious stuff to get done these school holidays, this ain't no daddy day care centre, we got serious self-induced University homework to do, got serious manly grown-up applications to fill in, got some serious reading and research to undertake, these school holidays will be serious, this is seriously serious yo.  
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2013-03-26 07:44 pm

(no subject)

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Styling Henry's hair with his own natural hair oil. 
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Chillin' after Uni. 
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2013-03-26 07:35 pm

Day 1 (26/03/2013)

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Biking home from Uni at night :)

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Playing Catan with Jason, Alan and Simon!
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2013-03-25 12:15 pm

I like Manatees.

YOLO! (sounds a lot like HELLO!) 
> waits for Simon to comment on how I seem to take YOLO seriously...

Anyways, as the heading of this post states, I like manatees, but as much as I find manatees the most adorablest combination and collection of atoms, in this post I will actually typing about something that is equally very adorable, and that's the 30 day challenge I will be taking on!! 

The challenge is; I must post up a photo each day for 30 days!
Many might interrupt and say: Well, that's not much of a challenge!
Well it isn't a challenge, it's actually a project, but I'm giving it he heading of challenge because the "30 Day Challenge" is the defined heading for the latest explosion in 30 day challenges (if you don't know what I'm on about, just Google "30 day challenge"), and well, it feels so much cooler to be uniting with others around the globe in an attempt to do something different for 30 days.  

Why I chose to undertake this challenge?
I wanted to crystallize the memories of each passing day :) At times, it can feel as though our days are muddling up into weeks, which muddle up into months, and then on one, fine and sunny day, we pause for a moment, look back and observe all this muddle and ask ourselves, where has our time gone? Have we really been living in a timeless muddle? 

Anyways, despite my irrelevant heading for this post and my clarification for the heading for my 30 day challenge, I am now, also, heading off to Uni again, armed with my camera, my lunch pack and my dobok pants :) 

Post soon ;) laaaters gee!
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2013-03-22 07:10 pm

(no subject)

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Idiot idiot you're such an idiot! 
Ask me out to the movies? I expressed my interest and started making arrangements with you.
And guess what! You tell me today that you have already watched the movie we were meant to be watching with another friend! 

What is wrong with you? Do you not care about your friend's feelings? Do you even have feelings? Okay, so you've told me before that you clearly don't have any, or try to bottle them up or whatever, but do you know how much that's affecting the people around you as well? Have you no respect for your friends and as a result, for yourself? 

I don't understand why I even associate myself with you sometimes and I don't even know if you have my best interests at heart. 
But whatever, I've had enough of you and your issues and I don't see any point in us being friends any longer. I have my own life to live, I'm not going to bother with you and you can stay the hell away from me from now on. 
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2013-03-20 07:12 pm

Uni Life.

DJ and I went to go off to study today, but what ended up happening was he challenged me to a bike race around our campus. 

DJ: So, what about that bike race?
Me: Bring it. 

So we mounted our bikes at the starting line and off we zoomed!
We skirted together downhills, trudged painfully uphill, zipped around corners, enjoyed the breeze sift through our hair, soaked up Melbourne's lovely warm and blue-skied weather :)

DJ won the race, as he passed the finish line with ease and grace.
I was slowly pedaling my way up, my legs felt like jelly sour worms and I have never ridden so hard in my entirety.
Whenever I ride my bike, I ride in a very casual manner, never rushing, always pacing myself, you could say I take scenic rides rather than racing for my life. 
But this afternoon, I really stepped it up a notch and It was a heck of a good work out. 

Anyways, I have to resume blogging for another day, I still have so much work to complete and some rather big life-changing decisions hanging over my head like a dark cloud to resolve. 

So yeah, see you soon :) HAPPY EASTER!
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2013-03-17 06:54 pm

(no subject)

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Waiting for food to settle down in my tum tum, so I can go outside and get some taekwondo training in my system :)