12 March 2013 @ 01:01 am
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Hey Blog.

So I feel like reviving my blog again.

Why? You may ask.

Well, I have a couple of reasons:
1) Interesting things have been happening and are definitely bound to happen (I can feel it crawling under my skin), and I want to document it :) so I can remember it forevezzz.

2) I like posting up photos, colours colours everywhere!

3) I need to practise my engrish.

4) To keep in contact w/ my friends.

5) Blogging can be used to self-reflect :)

And yeah :) That's about it. I will be busy, with Uni, studies, club events, my social life, exploring and learning about the world and part-time work :) but I will try and allocate out some time every few days or so to blog about my happenings :) just like old times. Now that I think about it, it will actually be quite easy for me to fall behind in my academics considering the amount of everything else I have to keep up with.

Oh dear, it's 2 am now, I have 8 more hours till another day of class, an interview, mahjong, an engineering meeting... such a hectic day. but I like being busy :) it keeps me on my tippy toes. 

Anyways, I gotta brush my teeth/wash my face and get a nap :) Nightios. 
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Mew perfect jumper <3

12 March 2013 @ 10:13 pm
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Hey Blog.
Another hectic day today.

Kind of overwhelmed by the amount of drama jam-packed into my everyday life, could my life be possibly made into a reality TV show?

I'm already falling terribly behind in 2 of my units.
Materials, I've given up on our lecturer, he's incoherent and I lack concentration, two things that do not mesh well together.
Dynamics, I need to start pen-to-papering.... and fast......

ARGHHH.... And I need to hand in application forms and visit my workplace to clarify some issues.... and I haven't exercised properly in days.. sigh* sigh* sigh*

My life is sooooo out of balance!! I need to make a cull-down lost of things to do and quick!!!!

I might post up a piccie of my list later on, if I feel it's necessary.

But yeah, what's been happening in my life recently... ahhh...
Well, I've met a new bunch of people, who are conveniently at the same place mostly every hour of the day. So, when I'm feeling a little lonely, or just need some distractions, I run up to there whereabouts to play Mah jong and chill with them :) They make me happy :) and they welcome me with both their arms wide open! It's the most wonderful feeling, to run off to a safe haven and to find friends just there waiting for you, all smiles, all stories to tell, all just the way a Tina likes it :)

I've also managed to find myself a peculiar friend during these past couple of weeks, one that likes to cuddle and kiss me on the cheeks a lot. A friend that I'm still learning about, gradually. A friend that I do care about.

I have to get some actual work done, actually, gonna make my list and then post it up here, just to solidify and makes things concrete!

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12 March 2013 @ 11:37 pm
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I swear, the earlier I complete all of these, the lower the chance of me getting self-induced cancer from all this stress.......... ARGHH!!!