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happytee ([personal profile] happytee) wrote2013-03-31 09:02 pm

Short hair is awesome!

Cutting my hair short has opened up a new world full of exciting ways to wear my new crop of fine hair!
I was experimenting with curls here's the outcome :)

 photo raaaad_zpsffe229f7.jpg photo as_zpsc89abae1.jpg

 photo ra_zps5a6e2498.jpg

 photo raa_zps50cc528b.jpg
with a happy happy appetite, i'm a happy happy pooh. 
 photo raaaa_zps950e0d1b.jpg

Anyways, I had a rather productive day today :)
I woke up at 8 and went outside for a job whilst I waited for my breakfast to bubble over the stove.
Got an efficient block of studying done. 
Spilled a glass of water all over my table and onto my books. 
Got really into a new book I borrowed from the library :) 
And today was actually, a very, serene and harmonious day at home, with myself, my homework and books. Hmm.. not sure if I am content though about how today panned out, it was missing a bit of spice, a bit of human interaction. But I can leave socialising till Uni starts, as for now, gotta catch up and shtuff. 


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