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happytee ([personal profile] happytee) wrote2013-03-25 12:15 pm

I like Manatees.

YOLO! (sounds a lot like HELLO!) 
> waits for Simon to comment on how I seem to take YOLO seriously...

Anyways, as the heading of this post states, I like manatees, but as much as I find manatees the most adorablest combination and collection of atoms, in this post I will actually typing about something that is equally very adorable, and that's the 30 day challenge I will be taking on!! 

The challenge is; I must post up a photo each day for 30 days!
Many might interrupt and say: Well, that's not much of a challenge!
Well it isn't a challenge, it's actually a project, but I'm giving it he heading of challenge because the "30 Day Challenge" is the defined heading for the latest explosion in 30 day challenges (if you don't know what I'm on about, just Google "30 day challenge"), and well, it feels so much cooler to be uniting with others around the globe in an attempt to do something different for 30 days.  

Why I chose to undertake this challenge?
I wanted to crystallize the memories of each passing day :) At times, it can feel as though our days are muddling up into weeks, which muddle up into months, and then on one, fine and sunny day, we pause for a moment, look back and observe all this muddle and ask ourselves, where has our time gone? Have we really been living in a timeless muddle? 

Anyways, despite my irrelevant heading for this post and my clarification for the heading for my 30 day challenge, I am now, also, heading off to Uni again, armed with my camera, my lunch pack and my dobok pants :) 

Post soon ;) laaaters gee!

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