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happytee ([personal profile] happytee) wrote2013-03-22 07:10 pm

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Idiot idiot you're such an idiot! 
Ask me out to the movies? I expressed my interest and started making arrangements with you.
And guess what! You tell me today that you have already watched the movie we were meant to be watching with another friend! 

What is wrong with you? Do you not care about your friend's feelings? Do you even have feelings? Okay, so you've told me before that you clearly don't have any, or try to bottle them up or whatever, but do you know how much that's affecting the people around you as well? Have you no respect for your friends and as a result, for yourself? 

I don't understand why I even associate myself with you sometimes and I don't even know if you have my best interests at heart. 
But whatever, I've had enough of you and your issues and I don't see any point in us being friends any longer. I have my own life to live, I'm not going to bother with you and you can stay the hell away from me from now on. 

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