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happytee ([personal profile] happytee) wrote2013-03-20 07:12 pm

Uni Life.

DJ and I went to go off to study today, but what ended up happening was he challenged me to a bike race around our campus. 

DJ: So, what about that bike race?
Me: Bring it. 

So we mounted our bikes at the starting line and off we zoomed!
We skirted together downhills, trudged painfully uphill, zipped around corners, enjoyed the breeze sift through our hair, soaked up Melbourne's lovely warm and blue-skied weather :)

DJ won the race, as he passed the finish line with ease and grace.
I was slowly pedaling my way up, my legs felt like jelly sour worms and I have never ridden so hard in my entirety.
Whenever I ride my bike, I ride in a very casual manner, never rushing, always pacing myself, you could say I take scenic rides rather than racing for my life. 
But this afternoon, I really stepped it up a notch and It was a heck of a good work out. 

Anyways, I have to resume blogging for another day, I still have so much work to complete and some rather big life-changing decisions hanging over my head like a dark cloud to resolve. 

So yeah, see you soon :) HAPPY EASTER!

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